##programming on irc.libera.chat

##programming is a channel on the Libera.Chat IRC network. It has been established to facilitate discussion about programming and computer science-related topics.


Channel Rules

  1. Be respectful and friendly.
  2. Promote constructive discourse.
  3. Put pastes in a pastebin. For example:
  4. Spam is prohibited.
  5. Discrimination, slurs, and derogatory comments based on race, nationality, sex, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or religion are prohibited.
  6. Sexual harassment is prohibited.
  7. Moderators will use their best judgment and best intentions in individual circumstances, following the core goal of keeping an inclusive and friendly community for discussion. In exchange please respect the decisions of moderators. Moderator decisions can be appealed in ##programming-ops, where leniency can be granted or review by other moderators can occur. Only respectful requests for appeal will be given full consideration.

Please also see the libera.chat guidelines and policies.

Frequently Asked Questions